Current Projects

AI-Enabled Personalized Training for Displaced Workers in Materials Supply Chain

National Science Foundation – Convergence Accelerator

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Learn more about PAIGE: Personalized AI Guidance Ecosystem for Workforce Transition »


CAREER: Goal-Guided Self-Reflective Control Interface in Teleoperation

National Science Foundation

Robotic Laser Wire Additive Manufacturing System with Comprehensive Quality Assurance Framework

Office of Naval Research

Big, Deep, and Smart Data to Support VTR Experiment Design and Validation

Battelle Energy Alliance

IUCRC: Center for Manufacturing & Materials Joining Innovation Center (Ma2JIC)

National Science Foundation

Completed Projects

Automated Forklift System for Warehouse Management

Qingdao Takumi Tech. Co., Ltd.

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3D Gaze Tracking System for Intuitive Human-Machine Interaction

Colorado State Advanced Industrial Program

Collaborative Research – 3D Gaze Control for Assistive Robots

National Science Foundation – CBET

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Mountain West Advanced Manufacturers Network

Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment

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