Director: Xiaoli Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Xiaoli Zhang’s research expertise lies in human-robot cooperation, knowledge-based robotics, intelligent control, teleoperation, and their applications in healthcare and industrial fields. Her research goal is to improve the flexibility, adaptability, and robustness of robots and autonomous systems so they can operate and adapt to deal with new problems and situations or deal with changes in tasks, environments, and human cooperators. Her work crosses different applications, including assistive robots, surgery, additive manufacturing, material discovery, and underground construction, and draws from optimal control, planning, reasoning, learning and cognitive science. Dr. Zhang is a recipient of an NSF CAREER award. She teaches courses in robotics and biomedical devices and design.

Brown Hall W310A
1610 Illinois St. | Golden, CO 80401


PhD Students

Michael Bowman

PhD Candidate (May 2019–Current)
Research Interests: human-robot interaction


Noopur Jamnikar

PhD Candidate (May 2018–Current)
Research Interests: additive manufacturing and intelligent systems


Yunsik Jung

PhD Candidate (January 2020–Current)


Sen Liu

PhD Candidate (August 2017–Current)
Research Interests: intelligent manufacturing, metal additive manufacturing


Matthew Stanley

PhD Candidate
Research Interests: active learning


LingFeng Tao

PhD Candidate (January 2019–Current)
Research Interests: reinforcement learning


Undergraduate Students

Neil Schoenwetter

Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: human-robot interaction



Jeremy Webb

Now with Apple Inc.
Research Interests
: robot control in teleoperation


Songpo Li, PhD

Now a postdoc at Duke University
Research Interests: intent-based human-robot cooperation


Rui Liu, PhD

Now an assistant professor at Kent State University
Research Interests: robot knowledge (learn, interpret, implement), metal 3D printing
GoogleScholar   ResearchGate


Xu Zhou, PhD

Now an Assistant Professor at Changshu Institute of Technology
Research Interests
: intelligent control, robot motion planning
GoogleScholar   ResearchGate


Kyle Larsen

Now working with the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program
Research Interests: autonomous systems and controls


Xiaoli Zhang, PhD

Brown Hall W310A
1610 Illinois St. | Golden, CO 80401
303-384-2343 |